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The game was released on , and there are not many game guide sites. Maybe we're first?! ;) Here you find instructions on most of the quests, in the order of how we encounter them in the game.

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Summary of Historical Context

Henry's adventure is set at the beginning of the fifteenth century, when Zikmund's troops invaded Czech lands. People still remember the blessed rule of Charles IV. - the wise emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Charles had lot of children, one of them was Vaclav IV. - heir to the throne. His brother was Zikmund "Red fox" - king of Hungary.

Charles IV. is considered one of the most important rulers of the Middle Ages. He was the first Czech king to become the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. During his reign, he brought prosperity to the Crown lands of Bohemian kingdom. In the capital city, Prague, he built a monumental bridge or a famous university. Karlstejn Castle and a number of other impressive buildings were built during his reign. To this very day Czechs perceive him as "the father of the homeland".

Carls IV., Holly Roman Emperor

If your predecessor was such an enlightened ruller, you can feel under lots of pressure, because great things are expected from you as well. Vaclav IV. struggled with this fact for the duration of its not-too-successful reign. We can see the consequences of his reign in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that brings us in the middle of a civil war.

First selection of your skill set

In the morning your mother will ask you what you did last night. You can respond with four different answers. Each of them help you improve one of the four basic skills.

Speech | Dexterity | Vitality | Strength

The game informs you that you can change your preference later - you can improve all skills all the game - and you will not miss anything important if you will not miss anything important if you have chosen skill set that you decide not to develop later. Still, I think it is good to choose this option wisely.

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Mom says he thinks you were with the man who taught you to fight. Again, you can respond with four sentences. Each one of them chooses one of four features that you want to develop. These are the same:

Speech | Dexterity | Vitality | Strength

So you can improve your previous choice or choose another property. I choose different skill, it is good not to be one-sided.
And now go into the Kingdom Come world!

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